2005 Reunion News

The Copenhaver Family Reunion was held on August 6, 2005 at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia.

Anne Siebold  (granddaughter-in-law of Mildred and Robert Madison Copenhaver), President, and Ben Spears (Great-Grandson of Lelia Copenhaver Anderson), Vice-President, welcomed us all to the Reunion.  Gene Copenhaver offered the invocation.  We observed a moment of silence to remember those in our family who are no longer with us - Walter B. Copenhaver, Emma McClary (Robert Trigg's daughter) and Mary Copenhaver (mother of Sarah Carr and Katy Davidson).  A prayer was also offered for Tim Siebold who was not with us because of serving a year's tour of duty in Iraq.  As treasurer, Gene also gave his report declaring that we are still solvent.  This was good news since our solvency enables to continue enjoying our family reunion.  Martha Bates, presented the library Report.

At this time Anne continued with our tradition of awarding the Jefferson cups.

Oldest - Mary Pennington, Age 81
Farthest traveled - Virginia Vogel from Florida, 705 miles
Youngest - Anna Bagby (great-granddaughter of Francis Copenhaver), 15 months.

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