Our family has been gathering each year for several decades for a reunion to celebrate our ancestors, meet new family and have great time!  We make every effort to keep our expenses to a minimum and just to share, we are constantly updating our mail list by removing those where addresses are no longer valid, but we mail approximately 300 newsletters each year and with the cost of printing and postage (envelopes and stamps) it is still expensive.

 We are now offering an option to all our members who have e-mail and would be willing to receive the family newsletter by this method.  Just send us your information to Elizabeth Siebold using our contact form. This would be just one way to help reduce our operating cost.

In addition to our mailings, other expenses include the shelter at Hungry Mother Park, where our reunion is held, the caterer and the gifts we present to our oldest and youngest members, and the one who has traveled the farthest.  In addition, we still have other incidentals such as name tags, plastic disposable table covers and other small such items.  These things go a long way to make our reunion memorable. 

We’re excited to share we have members attend our reunion from across the country and we attribute this to our newsletters, our website and of course word of mouth.  Without you, we wouldn’t have one of the best and longest held family reunions.  Our location at Hungry Mother State Park provides the atmosphere for a great event and we encourage you to call all your kin and ask them to join in the fun and make sure their names are passed along to us so we can add them to our mail list.

There is no charge for our newsletters or dues of any kind and those attending the reunion bear most of the costs associated.  If you would, please consider making a donation to help with our reunion costs, it would be most appreciated.              

Please make your donation payable to “Copenhaver Family Reunion” and send to:   Anne Siebold,  510 Winter Span Ct. , Bel Air, MD 21015



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