2009 Reunion News

 The Copenhaver Family Reunion was held on August 8, 2009 at Hungry Mother State Park in Marion, Virginia.

This year, the youngest child introduced the members of their extended family. An exception was made for Spencer Davidson, who was just 11 months old. We were also introduced to Grady Stinson with pictures taken of him just after be was born the night before the reunion. Grady is the son of Shelley and Franklin Stinson, grandson of Ed and Lucile Stinson, great grandson of Francis and Martha Copenhaver.

An announcement was made by Karla Henderlong that she is still alive. Last year it was reported that she had died. There had been much concern since she had discovered, only one year before, that she was a member of our family and had attended the reunion traveling from California. We were all glad to see that she was still alive and was able to attend the reunion this year. It was her father who had died, not Karla. Apologies were made for the mistake.

Word has been received that the following family members have passed away :

Ralph William « Bill » Henderlong, Charles T. Copenhaver, Don Copenhaver, Camilla Copenhaver, Nadine Echols, Frances E. Dynes, Glenn Martin, Duane Volze, Lawrence Copenhaver, Beulah M. Copenhaver, and Valerie Perdue's mother. William Bates offered a prayer for those who have died.

The Jefferson Cups were distributed:

• Farthest- Martha Copenhaver Rocco, 2005 miles, Arizona

• Youngest- Spencer Copenhaver Davidson, 11 months, son of Katy and Mike Davidson, grandson of Karen and Joe Copenhaver, great grandson of Francis and Martha Copenhaver.

• Oldest- Nat Copenhaver, 76 years old. Ruby Shockley had won the Jefferson Cup in 2006, as the oldest, so could not receive it again. However, she was honored as the oldest in attendance.

Ruby Shockley related a story about being a USO representative. While sitting at a desk at a USO affair, a young man in the Air Force signed his name and said that he was from Southwest Virginia. Ruby said she could tell and told him, "I know you're a cousin." Stories were also told by Ruby and Libby Porter Kendrick about the life of Carrie Mae Copenhaver. She had been a nurse-missionary in China and had fled on the top of a boxcar. Carrie Mae died at the age of 101.

Ben Copenhaver is now the owner of Bellacino's, 2900 Paulena Drive, Bristol, VA (exit 7).  They specialize in pizza and grinders­ if you're  in the area - try it- it's great.

Glenn Trigg Copenhaver III, a 2d year cadet at Virginia Military Institute, was recognized this year by an outside independent panel of judges for his original poetry work.

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